Simplifying Security Management
Senserva’s mission is to simplify security by helping choose the right tools, ensuring their proper operation, and providing actionable insights through comprehensive reporting and business intelligence.
Easy to Use
Senserva believes that easy-to-use solutions are the cornerstone of effective automation. Users appreciate straightforward interfaces, clear instructions, and minimal learning curves. An intuitive solution reduces friction and encourages efficient utilization.
Data Driven
Senserva recognizes that not all data is equally valuable for security purposes. Senserva’s approach to data-driven decision-making revolves around ensuring that security automation leverages the right data at the right time. By curating relevant information, Senserva ensures that security processes are based on accurate and actionable insights. This avoids noise and enhances efficiency.
Combined Human Expertise with Generative AI
Senserva combines human expertise with Generative AI to extract meaningful patterns and security concerns from data. This powerful combination uncovers hidden correlations, identifies anomalies, and provides recommendations that enhance decision-making.
Senserva's Tenets

Simplify the Complex

Security management is a multifaceted endeavor. Within a typical business, there are thousands of endpoints to secure, users to onboard and offboard, patches to install, servers and cloud services to oversee, and various security products and licenses to comprehend. Security analysts play a critical role in ensuring that all these components align with compliance standards.

Focused on Customer Needs

The Senserva Model tailors its approach to each customer, considering their unique needs and the expertise of our partners. Whether it’s Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Entra, Windows, or other Microsoft products like NinjaOne or IT Glue, Senserva is committed to collaboration. We offer existing solutions and are open to creating new ones to meet specific customer requirements.

Manage All Security

Senserva automates security across all tenants, whether managed by enterprises, MSPs, MSSPs, or individual customers. Our unified approach includes robust support for vendors like Microsoft and Ninja One, resulting in a powerful management solution. We collaborate with each customer to address their critical security automation needs, using the right data at the right time to provide actionable guidance for enhancing security.

Ensuring Proper Functioning of the Right Security Products

With countless security products available, it’s challenging to determine which ones are needed. Senserva guides users to the right products, many of which are already licensed via Microsoft E5 or other licenses, and we ensure these products are running properly to meet the business’s security and compliance needs.

The Core of the Senserva Model

Be a Single Pane of Glass

Senserva finds, analyzes and reports on configurations, alert monitors, incidents, across tenants and security products.

Get All the Hard-to-Get Data

Data is often hard to find, scattered, changes often and comes from many sources. Senserva excels in collecting this hard-to-find data.

Drifts, Business and Technical Reporting

Senserva continually evaluates configurations using AI and reports on the right next steps.
Getting All the Right Data is Key
Senserva collects security and other critical data, analyzes it, stores it, and makes recommendations based on it. Security automation relies on this data, including configuration data, event logs, and reporting data generated by Senserva. The principle of ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ applies; the effectiveness of security measures depends on the quality of the data driving them.
The overall volume of this data is immense, with much of it managed daily by Microsoft before we even see it. Microsoft and other vendors feed data into security products, which in turn create or generate new data, and MSSPs and business owners need to understand this data, especially when addressing problems.
Making the Right Data Make Sense
Senserva uses AI to review and provide advice for thousands of configurations, both correct and incorrect. This combination of comprehensive security data and AI makes Senserva a powerful, market-leading solution in Security Automation.
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