Senserva Products Improve Security
Senserva provides a broad, customizable security automation solution. Customers can work with it out of the box or collaborate with Senserva to tailor it to their specific needs.
Advanced Drift Detector
Senserva's Advanced Drift Detector is an industry-first solution that reviews multiple security products across tenants for security drifts. It provides detailed explanations on why a drift has occurred, how to fix it, or how to work around it, covering thousands of drift types.
Unified Security Dashboard
Our Unified Security Dashboard offers a Single Pane of Glass view across all security products in your environment. Driven by Power BI, this dashboard provides insights into your security product usage and reviews critical information not found elsewhere.
Generative AI Driven Security Advisor
Senserva’s Generative AI-driven guides make sense of all collected data, helping users maintain the correct products and configurations to meet specific security management requirements.
How Senserva Works
Senserva simplifies security management by continuously collecting and analyzing security-related data using advanced scanning engines. This automated process focuses on the configuration and output of security products, requiring users only to monitor reports highlighting configuration drifts or other issues.
Security Product Drift Management: Our tools provide detailed management of security product drift, roll-up reports, and security business intelligence.
Comprehensive Data Collection: Senserva continuously gathers extensive data on security product configurations and states across the enterprise.
Automated Reporting: Generative AI and Business Intelligence tools automate the creation of security reports, ensuring compliance with company security standards and saving significant time for customers.
Senserva Dataflow
This data is readily accessible in an easy-to-analyze format through various Business Intelligence tools, and Senserva has its own interactive user interface to work with the security information we provide. Senserva also uses a rich standard settings baseline, unique to each customer to indentiy security product configuration drifts.
Generative AI and Business Intelligence
Senserva offers a wide range of security-based Business Intelligence reports driven by installed security products. These reports can be shared with IT teams, business managers, and customers, accessed through a security BI portal, or customized using any preferred tool.
Senserva Generative AI
Senserva leverages LLM-based Generative AI to provide advanced security advice automation tailored to customers’ specific security needs. This approach greatly increases automation, helping users understand the configuration rules necessary for their requirements. Senserva specializes in creating effective AI prompts, ensuring accurate and useful outputs.
Senserva Prompt Engine
The Senserva Prompt Engine, available via a robust API, builds advanced prompts to maximize AI-generated security advice. Senserva’s proprietary post-AI processing reviews and edits the results before returning them via the API, creating a comprehensive set of security management guides. This saves significant time for security analysts, MSSPs, and their customers.
Example Results

Example Review of Defender for Endpoint Configuration State

This sample data is presented in an easily readable and understandable format. Additionally, the combination of security measures with the text ensures that readers can make informed decisions. Senserva can provide thousands of items of advice like this, including cross-referencing multiple settings to make new recommendations.
  • Current Setting: Enabled (true)
  • Recommendation: Keep this setting enabled. It allows MDE to remediate threats passively, minimizing user disruption while still protecting endpoints.
  • Security Grade: A
  • Priority: High
  • Current Setting: Disabled (false)
  • Recommendation: Consider enabling audit mode periodically for a limited duration. This allows you to collect additional telemetry data without taking immediate actions. You can then analyze this data to fine-tune security policies.
  • Security Grade: B
  • Priority: Medium
  • Current Setting: Disabled (false)
  • Recommendation: Enable this setting. It reduces noise by hiding potential duplicate alerts, allowing security team to focus on unique incidents.
  • Security Grade: A
  • Priority: High
  • Current Setting: Disabled (false)
  • Recommendation: Consider enabling the block list. It helps prevent known malicious files from executing on endpoints.
  • Security Grade: B
  • Priority: Medium
  • Current Setting: Enabled (true)
  • Recommendation: Keep this setting enabled. It ensures that MDE integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications, enhancing protection against document-based threats.
  • Security Grade: A
  • Priority: High
  • Current Setting: Disabled (false)
  • Recommendation: Evaluate whether enabling Office license validation is necessary. If you have specific licensing requirements, consider enabling this feature.
  • Security Grade: C
  • Priority: Low
Screen Shots
Senserva provides an extensive set of Power BI Reports, driven by our reporting platform. New reports can be created in minutes based on the Senserva reporting data model.
Senserva detects thousands of drifts across various products and tenants. Managing drift is crucial for security, but it can be challenging due to the multitude of products and settings. Each of these settings must have a clear answer regarding how it should be configured, and once set, it needs to remain consistent.
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