"The Senserva team is great to work with, they are responsive and could find any data in Azure we needed. It’s amazing really."John McCann, CEO, UK based Satisnet, A Gamma Company
Senserva, an ISV member of the exclusive Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) and 2024 ISV of the year finalist, was founded by industry leader and Microsoft Security expert, Mark Shavlik, along with TJ Dolan.

Our Mission

At Senserva, we believe that security management is crucial for every organization and that automation and proper use of security products are key to effectively addressing security challenges. Our goal is to work closely with customers and partners to ensure that Microsoft and other security products combine seamlessly to provide actionable answers to the question: “What needs your immediate attention?” Senserva is a 2024 ISV of the year finalist.

Senserva's Deep Security History

The Senserva team boasts an extensive history in computer security. Our unwavering focus on Microsoft security products, along with select others, is backed by nearly 100 years of combined experience acquired while working for and collaborating with Microsoft Security products, teams, partners, and customers. This rich history is matched only by our deep engagement with today’s security challenges and solutions. Thank you for considering Senserva as your security automation partner. We look forward to helping you safeguard your digital assets effectively. More on Senserva Founder and CEO Mark Shavlik's partner focused history.
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